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Southampton Comedy Club & Live Music Venue - The Attic

Metal bands showcase with 10 Plagues Live in Southampton - Saturday 13th July

Metal bands showcase with 10 Plagues Live in Southampton - Saturday 13th July

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 Heavy Metal Band Showcase Live at The Attic Southampton on Saturday 13th July


Early bird tickets starting from £7 in advance online. Or £10 at the door, if still available.

10 Plagues in Southampton

Emerging from Brighton, UK, 10 Plagues was forged amid a worldwide pandemic, and what was supposed to be nothing more than a  recording project quickly became one of the most ferocious and exciting acts in the UK Extreme Metal scene.

With their reputation spreading like wildfire, 10 Plagues continued to dominate the local scene, delivering bone-crushing performances in prestigious venues across the UK with renowned acts like Krysthla and BTK, leaving audiences in awe of their sonic assault.

As they continue to spread their dark influence, 10 Plagues stand poised to unleash further devastation upon the world, solidifying their position as a rising force in the realm of Extreme Metal.

Spreading The Disease Southampton Gig

SPREADING THE DISEASE was born in 2015, the spawn of Mr Steve Saunders ex “The Self Titled, Hair of the Dog, Excess”. The band has been through several line - ups to date. Their first EP “Viral” received a kkkk! Kerrang review and from that point on the band toured continuously for four years, only stopping in 2017 to record the bands first full length album “Insurrection”. The albums main single “Greed” was on rotation for various weeks on “Scuzz TV” and received all round great reviews.

The band entered into Europe around 2018 and 2019 the band went into the studio again to record the brilliant “Mindcell EP” however soon after Covid took hold and the band was put on hold. Now in 2023 Spreading the disease has a brand new line - up, a brand new album in the works along with videos and a tour in 2024 to support the promotion of the new material. This new music has again taken a slightly different take with some great grooves, heavy riffs , and again the bands unique style that makes the band impossible to pigeon hole.

Arms To Oblivion Southampton gig

Since the cementing of their lineup in 2019, Ipswich based Groove Metallers Arms To Oblivion have barely lifted off the gas. With flavours of such top shelf acts as Pantera, Metallica, Tool, and Killswitch Engage it's easy to see why an amazing crowd reception at shows is a given. Featuring Doug "Burton Ernie" Warren (Vocals), Pete Finch (Guitar), Brent Brown (Bass), and Matt Austen (Drums), Arms to Oblivion have the grit, determination, power, and heart to push far beyond the sleepy hollow of East Anglia. Following, fanbase, and love are ever growing for the quartet globally, with release of their 2022 "Prisons" EP greatly elevating interest and talk. 

Having shared stages with Red Method, Ghosts Of Atlantis and Stahlsarg, winning the Essex region of Metal to the Masses, (securing a Newblood Stage appearance at Bloodstock Festival in 2023), has proven that Arms to Oblivion are, well and truly, a
force to be reckoned with.


Terraborn are a 5 piece post-apocalyptic metal band with a strong aesthetic, killer riffs and a far reaching concept where every live show is the soundtrack to destruction. 
Explosions, gunfire and air raid sirens merge with blistering metal to create a live 'experience' unlike any other.

In a parallel dimension, a nuclear holocaust caused by a power mad war, monger seeking to rid the world of the mutated beings he inadvertently created, he forced the human race to retreat underground...

Radiation has caused some people to mutate violent and blood thirsty. 'The Fallen' ravage the land. five once normal men, now reborn from the earth as disfigured but powerful warriors have risen against the fallen. 

They vow to take back the world of terra and destroy the mutant masses. 

They are Terraborn.

Early bird tickets starting from £7 in advance online. Or £10 at the door, if still available.

7pm we open the doors for our Southampton live music venue, at the legendary licensed bar. Ready for the show starting at 7:30pm.

If the event doesn't go ahead, you will receive a full refund.
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