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Ghost Hunting Paranormal Investigation - Totton - Southampton - Sunday 27th October

Ghost Hunting Paranormal Investigation - Totton - Southampton - Sunday 27th October

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Ghost Hunting Paranormal Investigation - Totton - Southampton - Sunday 27th October 2024

A truly unique evening of investigating paranormal activity in Compton Lodge in Winsor Road previously Fishers Road (before the by-pass went through), Totton. The Oddfellows Hall was opened in 1903 according to the current date stone on the building and later became the Totton Picture House, continues to throw up mysteries to its origins and presence. 

Recent ghostly figure sighting of a man have lead to increasing interest to the paranormal activity at Compton Lodge. There's always a presence in the building felt by staff and customers on a regular basis. Things get moved, lights turning themselves off and keys go missing.

This unique experience is limited to just 25 people only.

Most haunted building in Totton, Southampton

What are the secrets of this building, what is making these things happen?

We know Compton Lodge was reopened as an Oddfellows Hall in 1903 but its story has been lost in time. A picture from an old book found said it is the "an old Methodist Chapel (now the Christian Centre)" but the date stone on that building says 1855.

The building was used as a cinema for silent films in the 1920's and rumoured as being used for weapon storage during the war to store engine parts for Spitfires...what else will we discover?

Mysterious  Oddfellows book

In 2020 an employee was going through a cupboard in a new part of the extension of the building in the down stairs kitchen where she found a book of an Investment Ledger belonging to the Oddfellows dating back to 1914. 

The fact the building was completely derelict and redeveloped in 2010 makes this discovery even more baffling/curious and the previous owner knew nothing about it?

An energetic clearance of the building was done around this time due to procession of bad luck but is something back?

Oddfellows, Totton 

For a time, fraternal and friendly societies like the Odd Fellows were suppressed in England. Membership became a criminal offence, and such organizations were driven underground and forced to use codes, passwords, special handshakes and similar mechanisms.

Rumbridge Street, Totton Paranormal activity

There is no shortage of paranormal activity in the Rumbridge Street area with power surcharges cutting out mains power on a regular basis .

Rumbridge Street hauntings; apparently, a small boy died in a fire at the house many years ago. On a number of occasions, a small blonde boy would briefly appear in the house to different family members.

One day, the chap walked into a room and it appeared to be full of smoke, except that it quickly disappeared and there was no smell or obvious source.

Southampton Paranormal investigation is brought to you by DS Hampshire Haunts

A fully insured and experienced Paranormal Team with over 20 years experience. We are medium trained and reiki masters, seasoned at investigating and working with the energy of spirits. We are big on safety so you will be sure not to take any of the spirits home with you and we always pride ourselves on making the evening about YOUR experience.

We will start with a discussion on what we are looking for… and rules… then we will create a human pendulum, building up the energy and allowing the spirits present to push a person to ‘yes and no’ answers..

We will then split into smaller groups and set up a range of experiments for you to discover the secrets of the building and beyond… including use of;

Spirit Boxes and the Estes Method

Portal and SLS camera work

EVP sessions, EMF work

Trigger objects and Spirit Board work

Table Tipping and Ghost Writing.

We will encourage you to operate all the experiments yourself under our watchful eye at all times.

With scheduled breaks and discussions about what we have all discovered the evening will bring optimum connection with spirits.

This unique experience is limited to just 25 people per investigation only.


Early evening paranormal investigation 7pm start

Late evening paranormal investigation 9.30pm start 12 approx finish

£20 per investigation or £35 for both

Southampton Ghost Hunting Paranormal Investigation @ River Studios, 32 Winsor Road, Totton, Southampton. SO40 9HQ

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