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Southampton Comedy Club & Live Music Venue - The Attic

Comedy Roast Battle in Southampton - Tuesday 17th September

Comedy Roast Battle in Southampton - Tuesday 17th September

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Come and Enjoy Epic Comedy Roast Battle as it unfolds at The Attic in Southampton 


Advance tickets are £6. Availability allowing, £10 at the door.

Southampton Comedy Roast Battle 

Welcome to our Comedy Roast Battle, where humour takes centre stage and comedians go head-to-head in a no-holds-barred battle of wits. Experience the thrill of quick comebacks, clever insults, and uproarious punchlines as these jesters vie for the title of roast master.

You can join our community every other month for a front-row seat to spontaneous comedic brilliance, interactive features, and a guaranteed evening of infectious laughter. Get ready to witness the art of roasting elevated to new heights – dive into the world of our Comedy Roast Battle and let the hilarity unfold!


Comedy Roast Rules

Contestants do Battle back and forth with one liners with the opportunity.  5 jokes a piece and comebacks are encouraged but not necessary

  1. No crowd work allowed during the roast battle. 
  2. The competitors must use only original material.  
  3. Opponents will be decided a week before by random draw from a hat, you then have a week to contact or research an opponent for material. 
  4. Honour the opponent's wishes about what not to be made fun of. 
  5. Don’t take insults personally, if you think you will get upset then please just don’t enter. 
  6. No physical contact is allowed and the battle always ends with a hug. 
  7. Rounds will be judged by 3 judges, so audiences will not have final say. 


Comedy Roast Bouts for September


Judging the Comedy Roast Battles

There will be three judges who decide by majority who wins each round. 



Do you want to get involved in the Southampton Comedy Roast?

Contact Paul McHugh on or for our Comedy Open Mic night first Thursday of the month contact

Advance tickets are £6. Availability allowing, £10 at the door.

7pm doors for a 7:30pm start

Seating Unreserved.

Directions to the Live Music Venue, The Attic @ River Studios, 32 Winsor Road, Totton, Southampton. SO40 9HQ.

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